Vincenzo Lorusso

Other collaborators


Date Title Journal
2018 Can Clinical and Surgical Parameters Be Combined to Predict How Long It Will Take a Tibia Fracture to Heal? A Prospective Multicentre Observational Study: The FRACTING Study. BioMed research international
2018 The search for a melanoma-tailored chemotherapy in the new era of personalized therapy: a phase II study of chemo-modulating temozolomide followed by fotemustine and a cooperative study of GOIM (Gruppo Oncologico Italia Meridionale). BMC cancer
2016 Tick-borne pathogens of zoonotic and veterinary importance in Nigerian cattle. Parasites & vectors
2016 Canine and ovine tick-borne pathogens in camels, Nigeria. Veterinary parasitology
2016 Prognostic value of Tissue Transition Projection 3D transparent wall CT reconstructions in bowel ischemia. International journal of surgery (London, England)
2015 Metronomic chemotherapy from rationale to clinical studies: a dream or reality? Critical reviews in oncology/hematology
2015 Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in slaughtered pigs and abattoir workers in Italy. Food microbiology
2014 Natural history of malignant bone disease in hepatocellular carcinoma: final results of a multicenter bone metastasis survey. PloS one
2013 Partial response of liver metastases treated with abiraterone in castration-resistant prostate cancer: A case report. Oncology letters
2012 Autochthonous and migratory birds as a dispersion source for Ixodes ricinus in southern Italy. Experimental & applied acarology
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