Cinzia Cantacessi

Other collaborators


Date Title Journal
2019 Exclusive dependence of IL-10Rα signalling on intestinal microbiota homeostasis and control of whipworm infection. PLoS pathogens
2018 Cyathostomine egg reappearance period following ivermectin treatment in a cohort of UK Thoroughbreds. Parasites & vectors
2018 Tissue-specific transcriptomes of Anisakis simplex (sensu stricto) and Anisakis pegreffii reveal potential molecular mechanisms involved in pathogenicity. Parasites & vectors
2018 The relationships between faecal egg counts and gut microbial composition in UK Thoroughbreds infected by cyathostomins. International journal for parasitology
2018 Rapid diagnosis of parasitic diseases: current scenario and future needs. Clinical microbiology and infection : the official publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
2018 Helminth Microbiomes - A Hidden Treasure Trove? Trends in parasitology
2018 A comprehensive analysis of the faecal microbiome and metabolome of Strongyloides stercoralis infected volunteers from a non-endemic area. Scientific reports
2018 Schistosoma mansoni infection is associated with quantitative and qualitative modifications of the mammalian intestinal microbiota. Scientific reports
2018 Classic Models for New Perspectives: Delving into Helminth-Microbiota-Immune System Interactions. Trends in parasitology
2017 Lungworms and gastrointestinal parasites of domestic cats: a European perspective. International journal for parasitology
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