Antonio Tredenari

Internal students


Date Title Journal
2018 Nucleotide variability of protamine genes influencing bull sperm motility variables. Animal reproduction science
2018 Evolution in Europe of African swine fever genotype II viruses from highly to moderately virulent. Veterinary microbiology
2017 Differentiation of human olfactory bulb-derived neural stem cells toward oligodendrocyte. Journal of cellular physiology
2016 TLR4 and TLR21 expression, MIF, IFN-β, MD-2, CD14 activation, and sIgA production in chickens administered with EFAL41 strain challenged with Campylobacter jejuni. Folia microbiologica
2016 Reengineered graft copolymers as a potential alternative for the bone tissue engineering application by inducing osteogenic markers expression and biocompatibility. Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
2016 Profiling of sperm gene transcripts in crossbred (Bos taurus x Bos indicus) bulls. Animal reproduction science
2016 THE SERUM PROTEIN FRACTIONS IN THYMOQUINONE TREATED RATS. African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines : AJTCAM
2011 Characterization and In Silico Analysis of Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein-1 Gene of Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Genetics research international
1999 Human olfactory bulb neural stem cells mitigate movement disorders in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. Journal of cellular physiology
1999 Regucalcin is widely distributed in the male reproductive tract and exerts a suppressive effect on in vitro sperm capacitation in the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Molecular reproduction and development
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